Friday, 9 September 2011

Wine Terminologies


  • Carafe:  Glass container, usually of fixed capacity for serving wine.
  • Corked:  Wine with a musty smell because cork is bad. 
  • Decanter: Glass container similar to carafe but with a Lid.  Used for decanting and serving wine.
  • Corkage: A fee paid to a restaurant when bringing ones own wine and having it served inn the restaurant.
  • Sommelier:  A wine waiter who serves all the drinks in a restaurant.
  • Punt: The inverted part of the bottom of a bottle.
  • Bung:  Stopper for a wine or beer cask.
  • Ullage:  The amount of space between wine and the cork.
  • Agraf, Agraffe:  The wire covering in a Champagne or sparkling wine bottle.
  • Magnum:  Large bottle equal to 2 ordinary bottles.
  • Saccharometer:  Instrument for measuring sugar in a liquid.
  • Hydrometer: An instrument used to measure the density of a wine or other liquid.
  • Loving cup:  Two handed container for sharing a drink between a betrothed couple.
  • Vintage:  Literally means harvest. Wines which are from single year’s harvest are known as vintage wines.
  • Body:  The feel of wine (Alc. Content) in the mouth. A full bodied wine will cling to the side of the class if it is swished around.
  • Aroma:  The smell or nose of the wine.
  • Bouquet:  It is the fragrance coming from matured wines.
  • Acetic:  Term used to describe wine that has turned sour because bacteria have converted the Ethyl Alcohol into acetic acid.
  • Astringent:  The degree of Tannin in a beverage.
  • Dry:  Wine which is low in sugar.
  • Lees:  Sediment comprising dead yeast cells and other particles remaining in wine after fermentation.
  • Must:  Freshly crushed grape juice.  (Mout in French).

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